Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Day 6.. by Zac

Sunday morning we headed to Tokmok for the day. Attended a church service, and it was cool to hear the congregation signing songs that I was mostly familiar with, but in Russian. Cell reception was solid so I was able to fully download a Russian translating app, which ended up being CLUTCH for the time there 👌🏼

 After church we headed to the Bazaar, where we got to explore for a few hours, while sent on a mission: John had been compiling a list of small items needed to be gathered for around the farm (new locks for some doors, filleting knife, shovel handles, candy….wait, that may have been for Julie) and everyone was given something to make sure they found.

“We’ve got time to get coffee…I know a great place” are the words to confirm your translator is one of the greatest people you’ve ever met. We met back at the bus to head for a late lunch.

Joining us at lunch was a group of babushkas. It is the absolute sweetest thing that all older women are referred to as grandmother, and that conveys with it a sense of care. The Wright’s time in

Kyrgyzstan has gifted them with so many connections, and they are in relationship with key players who know how to distribute resources well. Whenever a team comes to minister, they’ve been able to bless some of these older women by treating them to an amazing meal,

and then taking them grocery shopping where their carts get filled beyond capacity with an almost (to them) unfathomable budget. We played a game where whichever team could spend the closest amount to 5000 Som ($75CAD) would get an extra prize. Kat & I were in it to WIN for our new friends!!

Our babushka and her granddaughter won the potted flowers and she was DELIGHTED. Best story—As we started our way through the supermarket she was very reserved and cautious about what was going into the cart. Double checking that it wasn’t an issue grabbing a 2nd pack of noodles/needing reassurance that she could get the larger container of cooking became obvious that she had never ordered more than a small scoop of ground beef prior to this trip. Watching her tear up as the full KG of meat was being bagged up makes me cry even now remembering it.

Update from the farm 

Yesterday I shared how the coal has begun to arrive at the farm .  Well we are fortunate to have a Scout troop visiting from Europe to work on the farm for the week.  What a blessing to have the extra hands . They made short work of that load of coal .  It would be great if we could get a couple more loads before they leave .  just a reminder here is what the coal costs . 

                                          1 truck load $640

1 ton  $80
1 bag   $4

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