Friday, July 07, 2023

14 Days

A few weeks ago we had the privilege of hosting a team from Possibilities International .   Since returning home, ZAC, one of the team members has begun to journal in an effort to get his head around all that they did. I thought that many of you would enjoy this adventure, so with his permission, I will repost his journal here .  ( at the end of the posts, I will post any updates or projects from KG as they come up. )

1 4 D A Y S Last month I had the opportunity to travel to Kyrgyzstan as part of a team through Possibilities International. We joined John & Julie Wright in the village of Rot-Front to serve their wide scope of ministry. Since returning to Canada, I’ve had time to sit with, remember, and ponder all the work done…as well as cherish the people we met and miss. Over the next couple weeks, I’m going to share some of the stories and my thoughts—some heavy and some minimal, but all sincere. 

 Day 1 was a day of travel. Late night flight out of YYZ, landing in IST 10 hours later, then a 5 hour flight to FRU. 10 time zones difference and all the travel was enough to disorient the calendar, but the adrenaline and excitement kept me pretty chatty on the midnight bus ride to The Farm (the team was starting to realize what they were in for having a zac on the trip). 

Side note, if you press play on track 12 of The Black Parade when your plane starts taxiing, the wheels will leave the ground as Gerard Way hits the high note in the bridge of Famous Last Words….

 Anyway, we grabbed a few hours of sleep before breakfast.


We are looking to raise $750 to provide food hampers for Vera to take to families from the boarding school for the disabled .  The kids are home for the summer and she likes to go around and touch base with them and make sure they are all doing well, and it would be great if she could bring some extra food with her when she goes 

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