Monday, July 10, 2023

Day 4 with Zac

Friday, May 26. Our team was scheduled to spend another full day at the Kashar. John had a full stock pot of pork he had been marinating that was all ready for to bone-out, trim, and season for Shashlik that

night.. so Sabira and I took care of that while breakfast was being made. The ground we had dug out beside the Kashar was ready to have the sand spread, and we got started on digging post holes for the fencing being put up.

These landscaping changes were nice to have tackled as part of a large team, so that the work still to be done could be more easily handled by their workers still there after we left. A couple cool notes from these projects: 1) The ground. Rocky. Like, dry, solid, obnoxious to work with, rocky. BUT…that gifted us SO MANY stones to be used in various ways as we went along…in the fire pit to hold up the Kazan we cooked with, added to the cement in the retaining wall, and to line up/stabilize the 4x4s used as fence posts.

 2) The lumber. All the wood used for the posts and rails got burned (think, half way between a torch and a flame thrower, hooked up directly to a bbq propane tank 😎🔥) then sanded (grinder with the blade swapped for a circular steel brush) and treated (motor oil and a paint brush👌🏼). Honestly, so pragmatic and it looks amazing. 

Never needs to be stained or painted. The portion below ground got a heavy coating of roofing tar to prevent rotting.


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