Thursday, July 13, 2023

Day 7 by Zac

D A Y 7 When John Wright is making Eggs Benedict for breakfast, you know it’s gonna be a good day. I’ve said it before, but let the record show once again that early mornings and late evenings in their cafe having coffee with the Wrights are some of the greatest times 🖤 Sharing stories, hearing about different connections, building relationships…as full as the days were, those quiet times were very grounding. We headed back to Tokmok, where our plan was to help out running a large kids’ event.

There is a group of families that meet together, all of whom have children with disabilities. They gather to support each other, as well as to be a catalyst to receive care and blessing that the government social services don’t offer. Today was an extra special party though. Music, dancing, and a beautiful venue with gardens, a pond, plus a walking trail with sitting areas were enjoyed during setup and meal prep. Lunch was once again a FEAST and it was absolutely delicious! Allegedly, there was a Canadian named Rawr XD inside that 8 foot polar bear costume, but I know nothing about that

. On the North American side of things, many of us have been apart of donating towards Samaritan’s Purse and their Shoebox campaign every November. On this trip, we got to see those boxes arrive at their final destination, and our team was lucky to have a role in handing those out to the kids at this party.

We also got to distribute some more items that afternoon: before we left the city, we stopped in at one of the orphanages and the nurses on our team were able to meet with the workers there, providing them with new outfits and scrubs that had been brought from Canada.
On our way back to The Farm we spent some time at an amazing location, the remains of Burana Tower,

a centuries old lookout and part of the Silk Road.

 Back on the farm 

The scouts have finished bagging the coal, so until we are able to buy more, They have gone up to the kashar to continue the work on the retaining 

If you are interested in helping us with coal , here is a break down of the cost. 

1 truck load $640
1 ton  $80
1 bag   $4

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