Sunday, July 16, 2023

Day 10 by Zac

This was our final day of labour at the Kashar. It was also the first evening that I spent in the yurt (and loved it so much that it’s where I slept every night for the remainder of the trip). I’ve mentioned this previously, but one goal of this trip was to get as much work accomplishing as possible. There were definitely more things to do by the time we left. There were some tasks that we couldn’t get to, but ’m confident that we prioritized well and got the initial/first steps looked after.

The things that would have been harder without a big team got crossed off the list, and the way everything was left got lined up for the boys who work there all year to finish up. Sergei was unable to join us for the day, and we were left to carry on with the same assignments from day 8… clearing the thistles, moving rocks,

burning/sanding/staining the posts & rails, spreading the sand at the sports area, and constructing the fence. We really wanted to get that fence looking great so the shock factor coming up over the ridge to the property looked impressive.

After dinner at the farm, Katrina, Jill, and I came back up the mountain just in time for sunset.

The climate in Kyrgyzstan is extremely similar to Ontario, but where you notice a difference is when the sun goes down and that mountain wind drops the mercury quickly. Overnight at the farm, the temperature was mid teens centigrade, but some nights it would hit single digits in the yurts. Cold air, but heavy warm blankets make for my ideal sleeping conditions *chef’s kiss*🥰

Alarm was set for 5 am wake-up to catch the sunrise.

Back on the farm 

 We were able to raise $300 for Vera and the food hampers that she is preparing .  

The scouts had a great day off and a hike to the mountain lake . then cooked for everyone on the farm 

Over the next couple of months Julie and I will be traveling to different churches and sponsors to share about the on going work in Kyrgyzstan.  If you are interested in coming to see us, contact me and I will give more details.  ( ) 

 July 23 ........Seeley's bay Ontario

 July 30 ..Makers Church Cincinnati Ohio

Aug 6 ... Norwood Pentecostal Ontario

Aug 27.... Scipio community Church NY

Sept 24 ....New life Church , 

                  Emerald Coast Florida 

Sept 30 return to Kyrgyzstan 

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