Wednesday, April 03, 2019

WOW , what an exciting opportunity to be a blessing.

About,  10 years ago  an individual donor purchase a house for Aigoola to live in after she left the orphanage with her family. When Aigula and family moved on eventually to be the house mom at the farm, the house was used for two years as a womens rehab center.

 Three years ago we had another young family         (Baktaguls sister Jazgul that she was in the orphanage with) move into the house .  They have 4 of their own children and also care for a niece. Her he husband  looks after cows in the mountains during the spring summer and fall.  

After ten years of providing this house free of charge, as well as maintaining it and upgrading it with a city heating system, This donor would like to move on. 

The prospects of selling the house has Jazgull in a bit of a panic as she does not know where she will live with her family.  She has asked us to help her to find and help with financing of a new home for them before this house sells.  Anything that she is finding requires so much work that by the time it is finished would be as much as this house is.  

The obvious solution is to find another sponsor who would be interested in purchasing the house and allowing us to continue to use it for this purpose. 

There are a couple options... one is to purchase it as a donation to LINK127  and receive a charitable tax credit,  or the other option is to purchase it as a long term investment , knowing it would continue to support families as they move out of poverty. ( there would be no Charitable  tax receipt issued )   We would then start charging Jazgul rent that would be saved for them to one day purchase their own home.   

The house is currently up for sale for $10 000 US .  if you or anyone you know might be interested in investing in what we do here, please let us know.

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