Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Here is how I get into trouble.

This is how I get into trouble.   I was contacted by a local organization.  In there group there is a Babushka that needs help.  She has been going blind and there is an operation that can repair this.  The operation is $400.  $300 is the operation and $100 is the hospital care and follow up she will need.  The organization and all their members have been trying to raise funds to help her, and so far have managed to collect $140, leaving them $260 short.   As soon as they have the funds she can get the opperation, however her vision is rapidly deteriorating , and it is now becoming critical.
   Here is how I get into trouble.. everything in me wanted to respond by saying yes go ahead, but we simply don't have the un designated funds at this time.
What I can do is advance the funds as soon as a donation is made so that she will not have to wait for the funds to make their way through the banking system.  Once again if you would like to help with this please let me know and I will keep everyone posted as funds come in.

Thanks to a quick response this need has been met .

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