Saturday, April 27, 2019

The fateful fridge lives on

Some of you may remember the story of the fridge that was turned into a dog house .. If not it is worth a read at this link .  Well the fridge lives on.  We arrived at the farm a week ago to find it along the pathway filled in its side filed with flowers.  It has now been cut in half and they are going to make a wooden boarder around the top and make a new bottom for it.    

we have been doing a bit more planting in the rock garden in front of the cafe.  Hopefully no pumpkins get planted here like last year. 

We are so happy to have Misha back on the farm. He worked over the winter in green houses in Bishkek. We will train him as the breakfast cook for the summer and in the fall would like to go to cooking school.

weeding the gardens this morning ... My back is rather sore tonight 
 After lunch we went up to the Kashar to work.  The view never gets old .

We worked on more trim on the windows, then put down the stair carpet and sanded and put another coat of varnish on the bottom steps .

The little room has been finished and we put the wooden box that Marat refinished in it as a night table / blanket box . 

Back on the farm they are working on a couch / twin beds for the top floor loft.  It will be made out of Palets that they have sanded and refinished. 

I wanted to give a little update about the fund for Laris's daughter Tanya and mother.  

We met with Tanya and were able to give her the money to pay all the funeral expences. As well we were able to give her the good news that we have had donations come in that will replace Larisa's salary for one year.  
Tanya was very blessed and said that she would still like to continue her moms work in the future. 
They have worked  so closely with so many people in the hardest of times that there is more then just Tanya and her grandmother to think about.  There are so many that will be hurting.  We are thinking that if the donations are there in a couple weeks we will start going with Tanya and bring food hampers around to all the people that Larisa helped.  This will be good for Tanya who still cares for them, and will be important for those hurting to have her visit, and let them know that they are still valued.  From this point, any donations that come in honor of Larisa will be used for this.  If you would like to donate toward this, you can use the donate button on the to[p right side of the blog and just put "Larisa's work" in the memo line.

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