Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Heaven has gained an angel and Kyrgyzstan has lost a saint!

I have some very sad new to share tonight .  Our dear friend and co-worker Larisa passed away yesterday from a very rapid cancer. 

I have tried to put into words the feelings we and our other co-workers have right now.  One of our friends put it very well, here is what she had to say. 

"Heaven has gained an angel and Kyrgyzstan has lost a saint! Larisa was the most selfless person Always serving others. She spent her days helping the least of these. 
 For those of you who have adopted and have had to leave behind a friend (one you couldn’t adopt) She was the person going into the men’s institution and loving on those left behind. She took on a horrid men’s home and turned it into a tolerable place. She gathered the men and took them on outings. She loved on them. She advocated for them. She fought to make the institution a better place. She taught them about God’s love for them. She fed and cared for those living at the garbage dump and in the village. She worked so hard for everyone and life was not easy for her.
 She didn’t complain though physically she was hurting. She tended to her house, her animals and cared for her family all while taking care of the village, those at the dump and the men’s home. Larisa I am going to miss you Friend! Though we only got to see each other every couple years you were so special to us!! Tanya you are in our prayers. Your mom was awesome!! We love you!"

When men from the mens home were lost and forgotten , Larisa was there to bring the light into a dark place.

When an apartment complex burned down leaving 18 marginalized families homeless, Larisa  held firm and found and renovated a new home for them all. 

When families living from the dump where hungry and their kids could not go to school, it was Larisa that found them food and uniforms and school supplies. 

When seniors were huddled together in an abandoned building with no heat, no Hydro and no food .  Larisa was there to show someone cares. 

When children from the orphanages were struggling as they try to raise a family with out the life skills and support needed, It was Larisa that was a constant in their lives . 

When a single mother with three kids passes away from a common cold and no medication, it was larisa who was called to come and tell the kids and comfort them .

When 80 men died in their beds from starvation and exposure , it was Larisa that brought heat and food and nursed the other 190 back to health. 

It was Larisa who arranged to bring water to an entire village when they had none for 5 years . 

In the winter when families are out of coal and freezing Larisa delivered  coal, 

When they are expecting Larisa brought  them prenatal vitamins and nutritious food . 

The list can go on and on.  Basically when there is a need, Larisa was there with out falter.  She could always be counted on. 

Now that Larisa has passed, we need to care for those she has left. 

Many have wondered what we can do to help, but we did not want to say until we had an opportunity to talk with Tanya. 

There are a couple immediate needs.  The funeral expenses will be around $400 as well we have hired some buses ( $100) to transport everyone from her house to the cemetery and back to the village . 

Then there will be the on going support.     Her daughter and her mother relied on her small salary  to balance their budget.  It is our goal to guarantee the salary for one year ,, $150 a month is needed .  They will have enough to contend with  besides the financial difficulties and the stress that comes with that.  Tanya worked closely with Larisa, so any extra funds will go toward the continuing of her work in the community.   Please consider a one time sum, or monthly donation toward this need.  We can not imagine the hole that will be left in Larisa's absence.  Together we can continue to show the Love that Larisa had for her family and her community.  

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Unknown said...

What an honour it was to spend time with her, to be inspired by her love of God and deep desire to serve others. Praying for her family and friends. Say hello to Jesus dear sister.