Tuesday, April 02, 2019

More vitamins delivered

Yesterday I shared the great news about the availability of good quality vitamins here in Kyrgyzstan now.    right after that post we got word of a mom with a 6 week old baby that was just diagnosed wit TB.  The best treatment for TB is a high vitamin diet.  We were able to bring the vitamins last night to Acel and she will arrange to get them to her.  Something as simple as this could very well save her life !
We have talked with our friend that we will be getting the vitamins from, and he has shared with us that he can even deliver the vitamins for us in the Bishkek region.  We have had a couple donations last night toward vitamins, If you would like to help with this that would be great.  This is something you could bring to friends, service clubs or churches that might be interested in making a significant impact in the lives of so many. 
 Acel is expecting next month,  so while we were there we brought her a beautiful quilt for the baby that came with one of the teams last year that we were saving for this special occasion. 

Out at the farm the work in the gardens continues. close to the house there was a large raspberry patch.  We have moved them out into the big garden, and have now planted this area with strawberries.  This will allow us to keep a closer eye on them.  Some of the boys like to spend their day sitting in the strawberry patch, and as a result we do not get very many.  with it a little closer to the kitchen we may all get to have some this year .. I think we will plant cabbages over at the boys side this year. hahhaa  

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