Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Rainy days.

Today was the second day in a row when it was raining.  Tomorrow will be clear then we will have another week of rain every day.  This is perfect conditions for us to plant the tomatoes and peppers .  We got the gardens all plowed and hilled up before the rain so we are all ready to plant. 

with the rain coming we are starting to work on inside jobs for the next week .  I bought an old painted blanket box at the bazaar for $4.50.  I had Marat strip it down and we are re finishing it.  Today he put a coat of stain, and tomorrow he will start varnishing it. 

We have also started painting the trim for the windows at the kashar. 

The rain did hold off for long enough today for us to get Julies rock garden planted.  

The new calf is doing great,  Momma cow did not want to get up to see us but the calves don't know that they have to lie down when it is going to rain.

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