Monday, April 01, 2019

April 1 update

Before I go to today's update,  I wanted to share about a couple needs.  Many of you know Sergey that works with us .  When we got here we found that he had been up at night with head aces, and not sleeping.  We had him go to a Dr in Bishkek for a treatment and this has made a significant difference for him.  We covered the first treatment ourselves, it was $40,  The problem is that over the next couple months he will need three more treatments .  I am looking for sponsors to cover this for him , maybe one or all three, what ever you are able to do would be a great help. 

I had shared about a need at Olga's center to combat the black mold.  So for we have had $100 come in toward fixing that and have been able to get a good start .  It turned out to be worse then we thought, and one of the walls we have taken down all together , The boys from the farm have been helping with this , and today we got some money to her to start the re construction and repair of the walls after the cleaning .  We would still like to replace the windows if funds come in for this .  

 At our apartment where the girls stay while in school we had to do some renovations as well .  In the girls room, I have no idea how old the wall paper was there and it was in rough shape, then this winter there was a family that needed a place to stay for a few months .  There kids managed to do a number on what was there , so that ended up moving up our priority list. 

The boys did a great job. They started off a little shaky, but mastered it in no time flat.   I think maybe they could go into business by the time they finish all the papering we need done . 

Out at the farm today , they scraped off the railings and the floor in the cafe and put on a fresh coat of paint and varnish.  Later this week we will bring the furniture back out and be ready for the summer .  
Out in the garden we started planting the crops that can handle a late frost.   Peas, carrots, spinach, kale, Swiss chard and radishes. 

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