Sunday, April 07, 2019

Taking down the carpets.

Eleven years ago we were blessed with an apartment to live in here in Tokmok.  The apartment did need a bit of work, but it was everything we needed.

  There was one room that was a little rough. Our first night here Bekah was in that room, and there were sparks and smoke when we tried to plug in a heater, and the wall had a huge patch of plaster falling off.  I think a little overwhelmed with everything and all the changes that we were facing in our new land.  Our first few weeks we worked hard at setting up the girls room and the main living area.  For Julie and I we just taped up the plugs and hung a large carpet on the wall to cover the problem .  

Every year as part of our agreement for using the apartment, we do some small renovations and repairs to keep the apartment up.  But every year we put off our bed room.  Julie would talk about it, but knowing the mess of the wall, I could not bring myself to tackle the mess behind that carpet.   

We have the farm gardens all in good shape, but we have few weeks before we can start the main planting in the gardens.  We decided that we would bring a couple of the boys from the farm on the weekends to help tackle the wall...  must admit there was a bit of tossing and turning for a few nights at the thoughts of the crumbling wall behind the carpet. 

The day came and we started to tackle the room .  we picked out some wall paper and I bought lots of plaster.  We emptied the furniture out of the room and set it all up in the living room because I knew that this was going to take a long time with such a big job ahead of us... Finally the room was empty and all that was left was to take down the carpet to make a plan to tackle the huge mass of crumbling plaster and bricks that we were going to expose. 

Well we reached up and un hooked the carpet and stood there a little shocked . 

What we had revealed was a bit of a shock to us .  There was a tinny little bit of the outer layer of  plaster that had fallen off, everything else was solid and in good shape.  An hour later the was all plastered and smooth and ready to wall paper.  

It got me thinking .. how many things in our lives have we " covered with a rug" because with all that was going on in our lives, we could not deal with it at the time.. just cover it over and pretend that it does not exist.  Then as time goes buy, the "crumbling wall" continues to grow in our thoughts and minds.  Every year we don't deal with it the mess being covered up grows bigger , until we are overwhelmed and its starting to keep us up at night. Only to find that when we face it head on, the problem really only exists in our minds .  Julie is the mental health worker, so I am sure she would have the right label to give me, but that's ok. One more carpet in my life has been taken down, and I survived it. 

Over the next couple days the boys worked hard to help put up the new wall paper, and trim and paint around the windows and the heating pipes and hang the tapestry. 

Happy with a job well done, we are going to sleep well tonight.  Tomorrow we will move out to the farm, and Aigoola will move to our apartment for a bit of a holiday, and her room is ready for her. 

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