Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Life on the farm

Julie and I have been staying out at the farm this week so that Aigoola can have a bit of a holiday.  The first couple days were beautiful weather and we got a lot done up at the kashar.   The yurts are going back up on Saturday so we are going to have a big yurt raising party . 
The benches were all sanded and varnished 

The yurt platform had a fresh sand and varnish as well 

the winters dirt was swept away 

We have a small part of the barn that does not have a roof on it.  This will be Julies secret garden safe from all the animals that graze an the land .  We will have all the fixings for ploff here . 
Today was a rain day so we spent most of the day in the green house .  

these are our sweet potatoes.  As they grow, we roll up the bag and add more soil 

the cucumbers are still small but there sure will be a lot of them .  Look at how many you can see when we zoom in. Rather then one, there is a cluster of 4 

For lunch today we made a really good Chinese soup with bok choy from the green house.  The boys were eager to help cook. 

OPut in the garden the cabages we planted a few days ago in the plum patch have all taken root and standing up nicely 

In the green house today we moved all the starter plants into the rows, then planted the tomatoes into the ground in one green house and watermelons in the other .. We have planted the watermelons beside the spinach arugula and the lettuce.  in about a month we will have fresh from the fields so we will be able to let the watermelons grow into those spots for the summer when the green house is otherwise to hot to grow. 

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