Thursday, April 25, 2019

No division of race religion or class.

Todays tribute to Larisa was a testimony to all that she stood for.  We pulled up at her home an hour early, and already there were about 40 people on the street and another 20 or so in the house.....If you know Kyrgyzstan you know that it is not common to be early.    We counted about 30 cars and 4 buses.  all the way from her home to the grave side, the lead car threw flowers out the window so the route was lined with fresh cut flowers. 

There was one thing that could not be over looked.. There was no division of race religion or class,  They were all there and all showing their respect.  

 As we were looking around we saw so many people that we knew from over the years working with Larisa.  Below is a photo taken at the dump 10 years ago when Jengish and I visited with a couple boys who Larisa was helping.  Today we saw these same two boys again.   

As they were closing the grave, I stood with a boy from one of the villages that through Larisa we had helped get an operation on his leg and helped with tuition.  He is doing well and has a good job.. looks like a fine young man.  As we stood there watching I said to him "this is a terrible thing." He looked at me with such peace and joy and said "No Not terrible .. this is fantastic.... She is with Him now."  This is what her life was about.   

We have had donations in so far that cover the expenses to date, but are still excepting donations toward a commitment to cover Larisa's salary for the next year to help Tanya and Larisa's mom.  We will need $1800 or $150 a month.  Any extra that comes in will be provided to Tanya to continue the work that Larisa began.    If you would like to help with this with a one time or monthly donation in Larisa's honor , you can use the donate button on the top right side of the blog.  Thank you all for your prayers and consideration  at this time.   

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