Wednesday, April 20, 2016

New life on the farm

Lots of new life on the farm.  We are up to 7 new baby goats in the last two days . 

We had some friends come to visit at the farm today and to check out the green house that is going up. 

Some of the boys on the farm were off with Vlady today.  They have started putting the roof on the new clinic that we have been building.  Right now there are two there, but some days he may need a few more. 

Jengish got a call from some hikers in the mountain.  They had a donkey that they had as a pack horse, but after a few days of mountain hiking, it decided it was not interested in this life any more and became stubborn .  They just wanted it to have a good home, and heard about the farm.  So we sent a truck to pick them up and bring them to  the farm.  They will stay with a few days and hike the local mountains .. maybe even stay for the big BBQ on Sunday when we have our Men who Cook extravaganza ..  don't forget to get your tickets here in support of Possibilities international and all the great things that they do.  I would still like to sell 12 more tickets 

His name is Jeff.  He is such a nice boy, and will be great to help Boomer with the work load.  We find that if they work too much they start to get sores from the harness , so we have been cutting back on the work load and trying different things to solve this .. now we will be able to have them take turns . 

Lunch time we have our friends and the hikers join us all for another of Aigula's wonderful meals . Its nice to see everyone smiling and laughing at the dinner table,  Akylbek seems to be settling in well.

Just after lunch one of the boys came over to tell us that two more mother goats starting to have babies, so we all grabbed some building materials and set out quickly to set up some stalls for them and to put up some heat lamps. 

this mother had two babies .

we quickly got some bedding down for her while we set up the stalls 

that's a little better , but the mothers started fighting so we ended up giving every mother her own stall . 

the babies like the heat lamps.

Here is a short video of the mother cleaning up the babies .. just minutes after they were born 

I think we have about three more mothers expecting right now, so tomorrow morning we will make more permanent pens for them all.  We are staring to run out of room so likely next week we will send everyone with out babies to the mountain for the summer 

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