Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Big day in the city.

Three of the boys were in the city with Jengish today .  a couple needed their eyes checked and a couple needed to go to the dentist.  When Jengish got out to pick them up they were all cleaned up and dressed in there good clothes for the big adventure .

they sure looked dapper as they were waiting their turns . 

Things did not go as well at the dentist .  Nurlan has such complications because of his cleft Pallet that the dentist is concerned and says that he would need to be treated in a hospital not a dental clinic. So it will be back to Jal again with him to see if they can help.   Merlan on the other hand has three teeth that need to come out and they are all side by side so they will need to be done all at the same visit so they will need about 2 hours for that so he too will have to come back again . 

We started by bringing the new boy to Dr Tatyana to have a check up before he stays at the farm.  Also we had a list of meds for baby Masha at the farm.  This list was given by a Dr in the city so we had that checked out by Dr Tatyana as well.. Just as we thought , half of the meds would do more harm then good and the Dr who prescribed them was likely paid to do so . we had Aizada's diagnosis and treatment checked as well and fortunately that was right, and she will be able to do her follow up here rather then the city .. Once again we are so blessed that we have such an incredible caring Dr here, I can't imagine trying to navigate the system with out her. 

When we got to the farm, I took this picture of the out side kitchen .. It was not a staged shot or anything so some things may be out of place but I like how things are coming together here Ovens , stoves, running water and a sink, two large kazans for cooking large batches and canning , and the new pot shelf and wooden platform for the produce 

The septic system is finished and we just have a bit more soil to level out and it will be done .. Works great , Thank you to those who helped with this emergency need . 

 Today we put up a closed in area at the back of the barn that has bins in it for sorting garbage and for storage of bulky ugly stuff 

tomorrow we will have Beksoltan weld a gate for this little yard.  It might be a Western concept, but one that we are going to push.  It drives us crazy that people here tend to just throw their garbage anywhere , then they have these big clean up days once a month or so and everyone goes out and cleans , but the next day they throw the garbage again.   This habit is one that has been so hard to train the kids out of,      I have been trying to explain to the kids the difference between garbage mess and work in progress mess.  I have explained to them that the farm is donor funded, and that we need to respect the land and keep it clean.. We all know that this is a working farm with many building projects on the go, and that is OK, but it will not please a sponsor if they come and there is garbage wrappers and bottles on the ground.. and since that is who pays their wages each month and puts the food on the table, we need to respect them as well and keep the garbage sorted and recycled .. So I blamed you .. but it seemed to work.  Now with this garbage area they can sort and it is clear to every one where garbage belongs . 

 We needed to grind more grain today , and the granary is always so dusty.  I got them some good masks a couple weeks ago, but was supposed to get a couple cover all outfits for them as well.  So today as I was standing at the bazaar looking at the outfits I got this email from Jengish that they had taken matters into their own hands ..

So now I have a dilemma .. should I still get them the cover alls or should I wait.  Aigoola when to all the troubles of making this lovely outfit, maybe I should have them use it for a while so that her work was not in vain hahaha 

I had to order another load of hay today .. We have tied the cows out for fresh grass during the day and have started cutting grass for the goats , but that still not enough especially now with all the babies expected over the next couple weeks .. so we bit the bullet and bought more .. Hoping that our hay will be ready for harvest soon . 

Still have not heard back from the boy that had come out a couple weeks ago, but imagine he will still arrive in his time. In the mean time we have the boy that arrived yesterday , fortunately we were expecting another so we have the beds and start up money for him.  After the Dr I took him and got him shampoo, deodorant, tooth past and a tooth brush and a bar of soap.  When we gotout to the farm His bed was made and Aigula had new towels for him .. She did tell me that we will need a few more blankets and towels for the next kids that arrive ,, 

speaking of which, Aigulla got a call from a girl she had tried to help in the past that we know from an orphanage.  she did not want help then or to listen then.. she had it all figured out .. well now she has three little kids and where her husband works has been cheating them and not paying them , and now they are going to be out of a job and a place to live.   This is the older sister of one of the girls  that is with us for the last few years attending nursing school, so we have a little stronger attachment to want to help her out.   besides, how do you turn your back on these kids ?

We still have a couple rooms that we just put the electricity into but still need some furniture and a carpet .. We are thinking that we could fix them up and that would give this young family a bed room, living area and a kitchen area.   So maybe that's what we will do over the next couple days while we wait for the fields to dry .  

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