Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Rained Out

We had a fun night last night celebrating Davina's birthday .. our great little translator has just turned 11 years old. 

It was late so we stayed over at Bekah's in the city then went for coffee with her this morning at her University 

Back at the farm, Beksolten has just finished welding the plough attachment for the back of the tractor.  It is attached to the rototiller, and will form two mounds for planting  at the same time that we rototiller. He did a great job .  

As soon as the rain lets up we will give it a try .. we are ready to start planting now. 
We have a lot of seeds started in the hot beds already 

The septic system is coming along well .. it will be finished by tomorrow 

enough about Septic, how about something a little better smelling.

I started putting up the fence between us and the neighbour today .  it is in the ground about 6 inches and will section off a large area that will be a safe place for Goosey and any other baby geese or ducks that need a little extra attention.  We ended up getting rained out so we will have to finish tomorrow. 

besides the day is almost over and the cows are coming home. 

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