Monday, April 04, 2016

On the outside, we've found a home !


Julie and I where on duty at the farm this weekend to give Aigula a break.  We are starting to get the hang of this I think.  Sunday morning we were back in Tokmok to visit friends and then take the kids shopping at the bazaar for new shoes.  They each bought their own shoes from their salaries, and we bought them all new socks .. I went up to one of my favourite sellers and asked for 21 pairs of socks.. Julie looked shocked for a second, then did the math .. then wondered if 21 pairs would be enough hahaha.  

Our old rooster was a bit of a trouble maker, and kept trying to beet up the big turkey .. over and over for several days he kept attacking the Turkey, but I don't think he ever got a single strike on the turkey.. The turkey would hope up and land on top of him ... but he never learned and kept coming back.  One too many times .. so that said , we needed to get a new rooster .  

We now have a fully enclosed chicken coop beside the turkey pen so we are hoping that they will get used to each other before they ever are on the same side of the fence, but just in case, this one is almost as big as the turkey .  He is also very friendly, and will come right up to me for a visit .. the hens think he is pretty cool too.. they all gather around him .  

We have been going through some old pictures looking for photos of the kids from years gone buy ..Who would have ever thought then that these kids would be part of out family here.  It also makes me wonder now as I am at the orphanages and with some of the families that we support, What does the future have for them, how many of them will be coming to the farm when they are out of the system. 



  I was asking about one of the boys in particular that we knew from many years at the orphanage.  I asked Roma If he has heard from Sarogea and asked how old he
is now and what he is doing .  The boys all said that he got out of the orphanage this winter and was living on the streets at the Bazaar.  He drank too much one night and passed out and froze to death... 

I have been silently grieving .. I try not to allow myself to go to the what ifs.. what if I had asked this question a few month ago.. what if. someone had been there for him.  Instead I will choose to remember him and his storey to strengthen our resolve , and when one of the boys opened our new ink cartridges to see what they are and then tosses them into the outhouse so as not to get caught .. I will remember my little friend and be reminded where these kids would be if not for the farm. 

We pulled up at the farm on Saturday and there was a boy standing at the gate.. He was about 20 years old.. scruff and pale .. he was asking if he could come to live at the farm.  Right away Julie recognised him from one of the orphanages ..  

Misha has been out of the orphanage for a couple years now, and just can't pull things together on his own.  We told him that he was welcome to come ( good thing we finished that new room the day before ) and that until we got his medical clearance , at night he would be in a different room, but He was welcome to stay right away .  He said he would go now and gather up his things and had a couple more days work where he was then would get his documents, see the Dr, then would move in on the 5th.. 

Last night I lay in bed listening to the rain and feeling the cold coming down from the mountain, and just pray that God would keep him safe.  

 Again I would like to thank all of you who have invested in us and the connections over all these years, and those that have invested in the farm so that there is no hesitation when one of these young people show up at the door.  The bed is ready.  

Let our What if's be focused on the positive...  what if Jengish and Emma had not perserveared and started the farm.. What if people had not gotten behind us , what if we did not have the resorces to feed Misha  or the bed for him ready .. these are the what if's I will focuse on ..

"The Outsiders"- Nead to breathe 

Shortfalls and little sins 
Close calls where no one wins
 Stand tall but running thin I'm wearing thin
 Oh, why are we keeping score?
 'Cause if you're not laughing Who is laughing now?
 I've been wondering if we start sinking 
Could we stand our ground?
 And through everything we've learned 
We've finally come to terms 
We are the outsiders We are the outsiders 

 I'm not leaving without a fight 
I've got my holster around my side 
Just 'cause I'm wrong it don't make you right 
No, you ain't right
 Oh, why are we keeping score?
 'Cause if you're not laughing
 Who is laughing now? 
I've been wondering if we start sinking
 Could we stand our ground? 
And through everything we've learned 
We've finally come to terms 
We are the outsiders 
We are the outsiders
 We are the outsiders 
 On the outside, you're free to roam
 On the outside, we've found a home 
On the outside, there's more to see 
On the outside, we choose to be

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