Friday, April 08, 2016

MEN WHO COOK Kyrgyzstan edition

There is an organisation that has been a great support to us and what we do here in Kyrgyzstan,  in fact there are many of the special needs that we share here on the blog have been funded in whole or in part by our friends at Possibilities International.  Like many of you, they  ask for no credit, and are continually there quietly in the back ground making it possible for us to do what we do.  

The reason I am telling you this is that those funds have to come from somewhere , and one of their big events is the MEN WHO COOK  Barbecue Edition ..  Every year we miss the big event because we are in Kyrgyzstan, but you know that if I was in Canada I would for sure be entered in this competition..    If you did not know, my profession for 20 years was a cook /  restaurant manager .  I even did catering on the side.  So I got thinking .."Why let 10 000 km get in the way . 

So how can we do this .. Well Each cook has to sell 8 tickets at $25 a ticket  and cook 40 portions for the event .. so that works out to 8 tickets / $25 ..  So for every ticket someone purchases in my name or donates in my name if you can't make it to the event, I will cook a special BBQ meal for 5 orphans.    

This has got me thinking what would be an awesome traditional meal I could serve,, I have settles on Shashleek and Ploff. and depending on the # of tickets sold I may have to take some kids fishing as well so we can add fresh grilled fish to the menu..For this I may have to enlist the help of some of my other MEN WHO COOK here in Kyrgyzstan ... Here is what the menu will look like  

 As I looked at the application to enter, I see that there will be awards as well .. "There will also be awards for the cooks that are judged as "peoples choice", "best decorated area"...and much more".   I love a good competition, but am at a slight disadvantage because the judges will not be able to actually taste the food I make.. but they always told me in Culinary School that presentation is 90% of the meal .. So here is what we will do .. since this is an authentic Kyrgyz meal, we will Present it in the most incredible way imaginable ... on a small plateau 6500 feet up in the foot hills of the Himalayas.. We will travel up the mountain face by 4x4's where we will meet up with some native ranchers who will give the kids horse back rides...

Everything right down to the Chai (tea) will be cooked in the traditional manor 

But if that is not enough, I have called in the ringer .. we will be visited by Talbek and Tumara, Champion eagle hunters.  

You want a competition...hahaha Bring it on .. So here is what I need from you .. go to the page link found here  and purchase a ticket for just $25 .  If you are not actualy going to go to the event, please be sure to let them know in the memo box provided at check out so that we can know to prepare your meal here and not there. 

There is one other way you can attend.. Aeroflote JFK to FRU conecting in Moscow would have you here in just 18 hours.. 

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