Thursday, April 21, 2016

A good day - despite the rain

With all the new babies at the farm, we needed to take a bit of time and get the barn reworked. We started today with a trip to the Bazaar. I had to do a Western Union Transfer one of our kids in need, then went to see my vendor.  I had been given a list of kids names and their shoe sizes.  An almost impossible task for me , I could not even tell what was a boy and what was a girl , but fortunately all I have to do is hand the list to my guy, and Monday I will stop in and pick up the shoes.. From him they will be the High end shoes at the bargain shoe price ... He makes us look good.   Next we picked up the materials to build box stalls for the goats.

 It was pouring rain all day so there was not much else we were able to do today and the building project at the hospital will also be stopped for the rain, so I knew we would have all the kids helping .  As well one of the older farm hands who looks after the goats would be there .. A potential for lots of frustration.  One of my disabilities is my ability to articulate putting my thaughts into words, and because of that I find it easier to simply do things myself, but this time I was prepared.  I had made my mind up that this would be a team project.  I did two things that really helped.  First I drew up planes that I was able to have explained to everyone before we started so they had an understanding of what we were doing, Then the second.. I had all the pieces cut to size back at the store so it all arrived like a big kit that we just out together , complete with hinges, latches and heat lamps.  

It went great.  and in no time we were all set up and the new stalls were built.  There were a few moments where you would shake your head .. not knowing the difference between plywood and nail, or a rectangle or a square .. But we are learning and in the end it all came together.  and for the rest of the day we are setting up the projector and having a movie night 

Today's work crew- (minus Ulukbeck,Jengish and Emma)  

 Aigula was at the dentist today, so the girls were on duty with the small kids and making the meals.  They are doing a great job as well . 

With the rain, all the animals were in the barns, and we realized that every pen and stall is now full, so much so that Jeff was put into the empty grain bin and Boomer had to stay in the hall.   We have a summer shelter we have been working on, but have been waiting on donations towards that.  it will be  3 meters x 6 meters.  I think we could likely put up just the roof now , to keep the rain and hot sun off, and then finish the flooring and walls when the donations come in.  So stay tuned , hopefully by this time tomorrow we will have a little more room.

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