Monday, April 18, 2016

5 new kids, and one new kid at the farm today.

New baby kids were born yesterday .., but more about that in a minute 

This weekend we went on a little road trip to see our friends in Taraz Kazakhstan.  They have the James127 Ranch there , and do the most incredible work with mothers and children, along with many other projects they are involved in.  They often come to Bishkek to renew their visa's and when they do they will often come here for a visit.. this time it was us that had to make the visa run so it was great to get so visit the Ranch .. 

While we were away the boys were hard at work. They painted the Chicken barn, and have started to build the day shelter for the cows.. Tomorrow we will try to get the roof on if the rain holds off.  We were hoping to do a bit of planting today, but the fields are way to wet to go on with the tractor .

Yetsreday we had two goats give birth.. we now have 5 new kids on the farm. The triplets are so small, I am a little worried about them.

The twins are a lot bigger ad are already running around .

As I stood looking out over the new orchard in the rain, I was thrilled to see the new blossoms on them already.  I was not expecting that for a couple years .  Wouldn't that be something if we got apples this year.

The green house got rained out .  What is happening here is that the dirt from inside the foundation is being made into big blocks for the back and side walls, By the time the walls are up the inside will be almost 3 feet lower into the ground .

It's time to weed the strawberries, I looked to see how they were doing and pleased to see lots of blooms on them already as well.

We have another cow that is expected to give birth in the next week or so.  This weekend we picked up a new milking machine.  This will be great.  Right now it is a struggle for us to get them to milk the cows more then twice a day, but hoping that we will start getting three milking a day. 

Last week we planted the Hot bed, and already things have started to come up there about 150 Broccoli plants.  When I bought them here already started, they all turned to be cauliflower ... White broccoli .

When we got out to the farm today there was a new face there waiting to talk to us and see if he could come live and work on the farm.. It was a boy that we had known since 2005. In fact here is a photo of him from 2008 .

Here he is today beside Beksoltan.  He will spend the night tonight at our apartment , then tomorrow he will move to the farm after we get him what ever he needs to get started .. Maybe a bit more clothes and toiletries .  

Today was Nurlans Birthday .  Her turned 25 years old, but today was likely the first birthday he celebrated.. He was so excited, in fact he worked hard the last couple days cleaning and getting ready for the party today.  Over the last couple weeks he had made sure to let everyone individually know what he would like from them for his birthday .  .. 

We even had a big bag of clothes for the boys from James127 Ranch, Nurlan was thrilled with his new tie from the bag .

Over at the boys side it was nice to see that we now have running water into the barn.. Thanks Vlady .. This will really help the boys to keep there house clean now that the workers are not traipsing in and out of the house to get water. 

On the way home it was still raining , and the water is starting to come down out of the mountains.  For about 3 or 4 miles, the road was starting to wash out.  In one spot they had back hows and trucks there trying to dam up the water on the sides of the road.

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