Tuesday, April 05, 2016

a few extra needs we are facing right now

We are facing a few unexpected expenses right now.  Some can wait, but some can not be put off any longer.  Maybe there is someone out there that is feeling led to help out at the farm but not sure what the needs are .. Here are a couple ..

1.  While our friends were visiting, everyone had a preliminary dental exam along with a lesson on flossing, and brushing, along with new tooth paste and tooth brush.  It looks like we are facing several hundred dollars in dental work needed , but some can not be put off.  

Dental checks 

Banya finished 
2.  This next need is a small one, but with other needs pending, we will have to wait until there is a sponsor.  With the planting season on us, and so many kids, it was important to get the banya up and running so that the kids will be clean and healthy.  After rebuilding it, we fired it up and the ceiling that was on when we got their simply melted and pealed off.  We will need to replace this with wood.. and put in an exhaust fan . this will be about $75.

new bed room ready for workers  minus bedding 
 3.  We felt a bit of an urgency to get the next room ready so that we have room for more kids.  Well the room is done, and the next boy will be arriving today.  He is a young man about 20 years old who knew us from the orphanage, and just could not pull it together on his own .. With each new "worker" we are facing about $50 a month in Living expenses and about $50 a month in |salary and other incidentals.  There is also always a start up expense as we help them with clothes and medical needs. (about $150) We could really use some help with this , either monthly or even a one time boost to help.  We are so blessed that we have never had to turn a kid away for lack of funding, however we often will receive the worker on faith that the funding will show up.  

4.  We do need some more renovations done on the boys house. there is a small room that  is in very bad shape.  We would like to put in a small kitchen here and fix up the hall leading to it.  Its hard to explain to the boys the need to live in a clean home if they don't have a lot to start with.  They see all the work being done and are understanding that we are working on a better life for them , and this would be a great addition to that.  to complete this renovation will be about $500 .. one that again will wait until a sponsor is found. 

5.  This is a big one for us and not one that we could put off and have had to start.  We noticed that the toilets were running slow on the main house when the teams were there  we had the septic tank pumped out, but it was full again in a couple days.  It turns out it is only a holding tank and we need to put in the weeping tile bed.  as well there may need to be some lines replaced, and we will put in a new updated toilet at the same time.  this will be about $400 to complete. 

If you are interested in helping with any of these it would be greatly appreciated, and you can use the donation buttons on the right and then watch the blog to see the updates as they are completed .. 

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