Sunday, December 13, 2015

Two business proposals sponsored today.

Great day with the kids today .  For the last couple of months we have had a business from Bishkek that has been coming out to the farm to teach business to the kids .  The split them up into teams and have had them work on business plans.  Today, the teams presented their plans.  Two of the plans convinced the instructors that they were viable, and they were awarded the start up funds .. Nurlan and Beksolten will be raising sheep, and Aigola and Marat are going to start the bakery and make bread to sell.  a third team was very close , but still needs to do a little more research, but have been told that if they dot a couple i's and cross a few t's , they will recieve a grant as well.   

What a cool way to to engage the kids,   they are all excited about this program and are looking forward to starting thier businesses 

The instructors operate a business out of Bishkek that makes some really cool leather products .  Here is a little plug for them .  Their web site is

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