Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Bringing Greetings from Kyrgyzstan

 We are currently working on some State side travel planes.          Julie and I save up our sky miles, and every couple years we have enough reward miles for a free flight.  We like to use these flights to keep in touch with you our sponsors.  To bring greetings and updates from Kyrgyzstan.   Florida, California, Minnesota, Colorado and Utah in the past, next up TEXAS

We will be heading for Huston the first week of February, and would love to meet up with you if  you are in or will be in the Huston area.

We will cover part of the trip by car, Our first stop along the way will be in Cincinnati Ohio where we will be sharing with our friends at Ambassadors' Point East . We will be there on Sunday January 31st.  Then Monday morning we will continue on by plane to Huston.   

The first part of the week we have plans firmed up, but later in the week we are hoping to meet up with some other long time supporters, as well as any new soon to be friends that would like to meet us and hear first hand some of the amazing things happening in Kyrgyzstan.  

We are about to book the flights, but not certain yet the return date.  We are available to speak on Sunday Feb 7, either in Texas , or anywhere along our return route home between Cincinnati or surrounding area , and Norwood.  Here is a map of our route home. If you are anywhere along the way and would like us to come see you, please email or FB us and we will see what we can arrange. 

We look forward to hearing from you.  You can contact us at 

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