Saturday, December 26, 2015

Grammy Pammy " MEATING" our friends in Tokmok

Today was a wonderful day .  for everyone but the cow. Mom went with the kids to do meat deliveries around the valley to many of the wonderful people we know .. first stop was our friend Lena and her kids at Dayspring house.   Many will remember her.

Next up was to see Vlady and Dr Tatyana .  Vlady has been layed up a bit after a hernia operation, so just needs to take it easy for a bit .. no block laying a couple months. .. we love you Vlady .. rest well. 

Tractorbek came and picked his pack of meat up.. his family will enjoy it I am sure .

Beksoltan came along to help with deliveries.  Here they are dropping off food at Bacute 

Back at the farm when they went to pick up more meat, Nurlan wanted to get his photo again with his new shirt.  Funny story about him... on his second day at the farm he showed up for dinner in a three suit and tie... Jengish suddenly got a funny look on his face and said to me "Hay that's my suit.. where did he get that from" to this day it is still a mystery hahaha.. but e sure does love to dress up .. he still wheres the suit when we have company at the farm .. but now he has a nice new shirt to where. 

Next stops were to Sydula's house and to see Olga and the girls .. both loved getting a bag of meat 

then it was back to our apartment to pack more Christmas bags for the orphanages .. only 220 bags in this first batch ,  

 The Son is sure shining in Kyrgyzstan today .. thank you everyone who has had a part in this through the pie challenge and through individual donations . 

In the morning Mom is heading to the animal  bazaar with Jengish and the girls and Mirlan ( our little blue truck driver )  to do Christmas shopping for the animals purchased from the CHRISTMAS WISH CATALOGUE .. stay tuned for photos tomorrow .. its not to late if you would like to purchase any animals click on this  LINK and make a selection and they will add it to the list and send you an update .. so far they are getting; 
 1 chicken, 1 duck, 1 goose , 1 rabbit,  1 turkey, 1 lamb and another goose and goat named
 John & Becky

 I know our grandsons Jonah and Eli will be eagerly watching to see Grammy with some of the animals they purchased! 

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