Tuesday, December 29, 2015

let the parties begin !

Lots of food deliveries around town to students, seniors and families. It was a great time to connect with so many that we have known for a long time, and they were so Happy, not just with the food at this time of year, but most of all knowing that they were remembered.  Most of the deliveries today were sponsored by our friends at Possibilities International .  Lots of the people we help Know Sam for the many teams that he has hosted to Kyrgyzstan over the years .  

Students and Seniors alike were blessed with not just meat ( from the farm) but also this year we were able to include many extras in the food hampers because many of you had purchased food shares from the farm.   Some  even got fresh milk from our cows .

As many of you know we have been doing the pie in the face challenge for many years now.  This has enables us to bring Christmas gifts to over 10 000 kids over the years .  Here is a short video from one of the recipients of those gifts in years gone by.. today he is with his forever family and was one of the driving forces behind the pie challenge still continuing today .. 

this year we will be celebrating with around 800.  That means a lot of work preparing and packing gifts for the parties.  Each of our friends has taken on a few different groups.  Here are a few pictures of Grammy and Bekah  preparing for the parties that Sergey and his boys are looking after.

The first big party was today at the Chui Internat.  The kids were so excited to have the kids from Anya's dance group come to celebrate with them.  Along with the gifts, they got a concert and some group games that they played .  They all had an awesome time.. just look at some of these faces. 

   If you look closely in the back row to the right of the tree you will see Emma and Grammy enjoying the kids. 


Can you even begin to imagine just how exciting this is for these kids. To know that people from all over the word have sent gifts to them and care about them.  As kids, we would get so excited when we were told that ONE man from the north pole would sneak in at night and drop some gifts off .. how much more exciting is it that hundreds would be thinking about them this time of year, and not just sneak in, but send in a whole team of people to celebrate with them .. THANK YOU to everyone who had a part in this years celebrations. 

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