Monday, December 14, 2015


With Grammy Pammy heading to Kyrgyzstan for Christmas, Julie and I thought it would be great to go get a few things for the kids on the farm,  We found ourselves on our way to Old Navy.  We thought it would be neet to get them each a plad jacket or a hoody.    As we walked through the mall Julie pointed out how mush beautiful stuff there was everywhere.. Almost everything we looked at we could envision one of our kids wearing it.  There was so much STUFF and all the kids in the mall were all well dressed, all with their fancy phones and high end ear thingies... expensive shoes, designer pants preppy shirts and super expensive jackets .   They were all out at the mall shopping for more stuff.   At one point Julie had a little breakdown.  Why are our kids any Les deserving then all these others in the mall.   Why are we standing in the back corner picking through the discount rack looking for the $6 long sleeve dress shirts, other then the fact that they were cheaper then a pair of long underwear.  We were not even looking for extra's, we simply wanted to get them things that they need, but where overwhelmed by the prices.  
The crazy thing is that if all they get this Christmas is a discount dress shirt, they will be happier and more thankful then half the people in the mall today .. Made us realise how blessed we are to be able to care for such a wonderful , greatful group of young adults.  They will get a chance to experience their first Christmas in a family , and to top it off to spend it with Grammy .. I guess the rest, is just STUFF..      

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