Tuesday, December 15, 2015

For Everything Else There Is VISA !

So If you did not read yesterdays post, go read it now and come back for the rest of the storey. 

      I got thinking about that post today, and the realisation that this Christmas will be the first one in a resemblance of a family for several of our kids.   I want for it to be a special time for them.  I am so happy that my Mom will be going over to spend time with them and the girls.  We have been packing things for them as well as some games that Mom will be able to teach them, and at the same time will be fun and have skill building.  I want them to feel the connection with each other that they are all there by choice, not by force.. they are part of a family now.  I then got thinking that maybe there is a  reason that we were feeling drawn to the  pull overs jackets .. 

We were back at the store today and I was standing at the rack, looking at so many different colours, but all the same style .. like our kids , each one of them different, but belonging to the same family now .. As I stood there trying to decide, and do the math , I finally put them back on the rack, and Julie looked at me , I guess she saw my face , and said .."Ya Go Ahead .. get them."  Well that's all I needed and we picked one out for each of them.  As I took the different colours and sizes off the rack, I could see the faces in them.. I am curious to see how close I am in my mind to how it all turns out when they pick the colour they like ..

 Being able to have so many experience their first Christmas in a family together at the farm, at the same time "PRICELESS"  for everything else , there is VISA. 

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