Wednesday, December 09, 2015

For everything there is a season.

Life on a farm is full of excitement .  There are also a wide range of emotions as we watch the cycle of life.  Today we prepared the first of the Bulls from the mountain farm.  Throughout this winter, the food hampers that we give out to orphanages, seniors homes and families and students in need will include FRESH MILK and MEAT.. This will be such an incredible blessing for all those that recieve.   
In order to do this, someone has to do the deed, so today the first of the Bulls was prepared 

There was some other excitement on the farm today as well .. The long awaited birth of the baby piglets was this morning .  

Masa is such a good mom .. she is even smiling with contentement.

The last week or so I have had Jengish taking portraits of those living on the farm so that I could use them in presentations and for raising awareness for the farm .. I am so pleased with how they turned out . I love the way that they not only show the kids, but many of the different animals who also call the farm home 

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