Friday, December 04, 2015

"a different life" Face book like challenge

OK I want to start this post with a really cool way to support the farm ..

during the summer we had a couple from Germany that came to the farm for a couple weeks , along with a few day trips, they lived at the farm, worked along side the kids, and ate with them. they became part of life on the farm.  When they returned to Germany they started promoting the farm there and have come up with a few ways to make a long term impact.  One of the cool ways that they are doing that is with a "like challenge " 

They have found a benefactor who will donate 1 Euro for every new like on their face book page up to 500 Euros  .. as simple as that, go to their page and click like and you are done, but the gift will keep on giving .. the face book page is called  "a different life" here is the link

while you are there, check out some of the other fund raising they are doing for the farm as well as some awesome photos of their visit. 

One the farm, they are all working hard to put the gardens to bed for the winter ,  all the last of the crops are being cleared, the manure and old straw is being spread an the tractor will plough the five fields tomorrow .  

when we pulled up the onions at the end of the summer, we had a bunch of  little shoots come back up in the rows where the onions where , so much so it looked like they were planted there .. despite the tinny little tops they grew into full size onions under ground .. so we got a full second unexpected harvest of onions .. not sure why I would expect anything different 

Tractorbek  was hard at work with the boys .. He and his family are feeling blessed to be able to come live at the farm, but I think we are more blessed to have them there ..

OH .. Don't forget .. go like the " a different life "  Face Book page and one more Euro will go to the farm . maybe even tell a friend as well .. 

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