Sunday, December 27, 2015

A Bazaar Day

And by Bazaar , I am referring to the animal bazaar where every Sunday morning the animals are brought for sale .. but it can be a little bazaar as in a little "nuts" as well .  This morning Grammy Pammy got to experience both meanings ... They were there Shopping for animals sponsored through the wish catalogue, as well as to purchase some more feed for the winter before prices go up.   Well if you have ever wandered around the crowded Bazaar you know just how chaotic it gets with literaly thousands of people and animals of all sorts jammed into a huge field, no fences no corrals, just people , animals and trucks squished together, not to mention the 4 to 6 inches of mud/slush/poo on the ground .. can be overwhelming ..   so the trick is to find a quiet spot off to the side and bring your animals there as you buy them before trying to find a truck and make your way out .   So with the first acquisitions, they did just that.. made their way over to the back fence .. and waited as Jengish went back in to do some more bargaining.  

Mother (Becky)  and baby goat (yet to be named by Jonah and Eli) , along with the first lamb ( Lamby Pi )
 It was only a few minutes then Jengish was back with the next two sheep .  These are young sheep, but notice, they already have big buts ,, this is the sign of a good lamb in Kyrgyzstan , they grow them for this large fatty but that it the prime ingredient in many of the Kyrgyz dishes .. the bigger the but the better.  These two don't have names .. so maybe we can eat them .   So here is the deal.. If someone goes to the Catalogue and sponsors ANY item today, you can choose a name for one of these new sheep .. just put it in the memo box.   They all all girls , but I am sure they would answer to a boys name if it meant they stayed off the BBQ...  

Bekah and the little kid were fast friends .. she loves him 

Even Mirlan our truck driver likes the little guy, and thought he should ride up front with him rather then in the back with the others 

Once they had the animals loaded they went back into the bazaar and negotiated for a load of hay to be delivered to the farm as well ..  With so much going on and the two trucks heading out, they decided it was best to go with what they had, and go back next Sunday to get the rest of the animals. so good news, there will be another shop next week so if anyone would like to order some more animals for a last minute gift for a friend or hard to shop for family member , just go to the catalogue and choose something .. and remember if you do it today you can name one of the sheep.

So off they went to the farm to deliver the new animals and to unload the hay .

After a busy day , they are back at Emma and Jengish's having a nice cup of hot chocolate 

Meanwhile back at our apartment Sergey and his boys were busy packing Christmas presents for the next Christmas party .. You know how much work it is to shop and wrap for a few, but to do it for hundreds at a time is a real skill , and a lot of work , but we are all just so happy to be able to do it thanks to all those who sponsored during the pie in the face challenge . 

Along with these gifts, the orphanages will also be given a large share of the last cow along with other products from the farm  to make a great celebration  meal for the kids .

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