Thursday, December 10, 2015

2015 "Christmas wish Catalogue"

I have had several people contact me wondering if we had a "Christmas wish list catalogue for the farm this year."  So I have put one together for anyone interested .
Christmas on the farm
 This Christmas why not sponsor an animal or project at the farm in Kyrgyzstan.  just follow the link to the right and in the memo you can tell us how you would like your gift designated , then watch the blog and see your donations at work in the lives of the kids.  
Available Animals

Chicken   $7         Duck  $8            Goose  $10
Rabbit  $12          Turkey $25       Goat $70
Lamb $125         Calf $250         Milk cow $800      Be sure to give us a name, and they will try not to eat it !
Through the winter months we are working to develop other skills with the youth.  We are doing this through the development of small businesses such as a sewing shop, woodworking, basket making, a car body shop and a bakery. Here are some of the items needed in each.

Sewing shop to make mattresses and blankets  for donation to orphanages and institutions ..$20/ blanket or Mattress sponsored. a second commercial sewing machine ... $300
Wood shop  We have two sets of carving knives, we are looking for two more , at $40 each. We also need more portable hand tools; such as a jig saw, skill saw, drill, router, sander  $50 each we also need several other items to start  such as clamps, hand saw, sand paper, wood glue, varnish and wood .. start up $100

Car Body shop    .. biggest need is an air grinder $50 and an air sander $50 , as well as a garage door $400

Basket making These baskets are made of old newspaper , so supplies are cheap, however we need a work bench and stools $150 and drying shelves $50

Bakery. For this we have an empty room and a dream.  We will need work table (food grade) $100, counters $100, Pans and mixing bowls $150, commercial Oven $400, shelving $100

Life can't be all work, sometimes is nice just to have
 a little fun
here are some suggestions for fun outings you can sponsor for kids from the orphanages that we work with .. prices are based / 10 kids including meals and transportation
here are some ideas  
fishing trip to stocked pond where everyone is guaranteed to catch a fish   $125
Swimming at the hot springs and a picnic   $75
2 hours horseback riding with picnic  $125
Dinner and a movie in the city  $150
Bowling and supper $150
Movie night at the farm with treats $20
Weights and exercise equipment  $30
Snacks and refreshment for groups  $20
Always needed
Baby food for the abandoned babies at the baby hospital $10 for a box that will last one week

Education and Development
DRIVERS EDUCATION   We have 9 youth at the farm that would like to learn to drive.  Even to operate the tractor, they would need to have a licence.   We have purchased an old car that they can learn to drive on , but the cost of the licence and the driver's education is $200 / child Sponsored Thank you 

ART SUPPLIES  Some of the youth have shown a lot of potential artistically. Emma would like to work with them to develop these skills, and to help them to explore different mediums  to express themselves.  Most art supplies are available there , and we could set up an art class for $100

COMPUTER CLASS  We have had ten computers
donated to us to set up a computer lab at the farm.  We have the space, and Jengish has a degree in computer science and is able to teach them, but Internet is limited and expensive at the farm .  To bring in the internet would cost $125 to set up the Wifi and  another( sponsored )  $45 a month to maintain it .

PUZZLES AND TOYS  We are striving  to develop reasoning skills with those on the farm,  We would like to purchase puzzles as well as games of reason , and set up a space that would not only be educational , but fun for the kids  $10

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