Friday, April 03, 2015

Back to work "ON THE FARM"

We had a little set back with the snow and extreme cold weather here this week . A lot of the seeds in the green house did not make it , even with the heaters, it was hard to fight the -11 temperatures.  We were at Isars and he was showing us that the apricots buds had all frozen as well. 

Along with a nice visit with Isar and his family, we also went to the Children's treatment center to bring them vitamins  

Back out at the farm, no one was enjoying the cold but the puppies did enjoy the snuggling with Emma 

so did the baby lambs 

farmer John 
Today the weather started to warm up a bit and the concrete has set up so we have been able to start on the next floor 

starting the second floor 

rafters and sheet mettle arrived today 

putting down the flooring on the second level 
the end wall will be mostly glass ,  the last 5 meters will be the farm office looking out over the mountains and across the fields to the other part of the farm
its exciting that by the end of the day tomorrow, we will have an " inside "

Emma got most of the seeds replanted in the greenhouse .   The fruit trees have made it from Talas , and will be out to the farm in the next couple days, the bees are just about to be moved and will also be here in the next week .  Today we got the incubator made and running, and we have 100 baby chicks

  We have sold 9 shares to the farm in the last week , allowing us to continue the work on the farm .  to keep things rolling and be able to provide for the needs of the kids at the farm this summer, we still need to sell 41 shares by the end of April.  Please consider purchasing A SHARE TODAY this link

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