Sunday, March 29, 2015

A cold day at the farm

There is a young girl that we have worked with for about eight years now.  She and Emma have kept in regular contact despite her being married and living in Bishkek  She even has a new baby now.  Many times she calls Emma just to touch base and have a little visit .  It is nice for her to have some one she can call.    Yesterday she called with a need .  because she never asks for help, we figured it was serious.  It turned out that she and her husband had a difficult winter.  they had fallen behind on her heating and electrical bills.  We were in the city, so we brought her a bag of produce, and decided to cover her bills.  She had asked for a loan, but we told her that it was a gift.  she was very blessed.    I have had plenty of experience falling behind on bills, and have always had the safety net of parents to bail us out.   I just felt so bad for her, I also was blessed to be able to have the opportunity to be that parental role for her.  the greatest part was watching the relief sweep over her face as she found out it was a gift.  no longer crushed under the weight of the $65 debt load.   

Another highlight of the day was meting a couple in Bishkek that we were helping to bless one of the orphanages.  It can be difficult to get donations of shoes into the country and they wanted to get new shoes for an orphanage of about 80 kids.  We came up with a solution. We put our guy on it, and he was able to get us an incredible deal on shoes. so we were able to get them here and bring them in to the city to deliver the shoes to them.    

Today we had a little later start in the day .  After Church we went over to Jeremiah house to get windows for the barn.  They had changed there  windows a short time back, and they donated the old ones to us. . Once we got the windows loaded up we went to Vladys house.  He was fixing a hand held cultivator for us , as well he had half a dozen grape vines that he is donating to the farm. 
Despite the snow and rain , the guys are coming along great on the barn. The block walls will be finished today , then we have do wait for about 3 or 4 days until the mortar hardens up, then we will start on the top floor. 

Windows donated by LAMb

Jengish planting the grapes 

Dr Tatyana made us wonderful pumpkin samsa's and monty, she did make a point of telling us that if her daughter Alona asks, she was eating carrots.
just one more row to go 

Jengish is putting in the back door.

The seeds are doing well.  they have started to sprout.  

 the lettuce and the spinach hanging on the wall are all up and doing well as well.  

We are ready to start planting the onions and garlic next, but will need a few more food shares sold before we can plant to much more.  please consider helping us out by purchasing a $60 food share now.  for more information or to donate follow this link

the puppies don't like the cold so much 

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