Thursday, April 30, 2015

Rabbits to Auxanna

Today we had a few things on the go.  We started by going out to the farm to give some shots to one of the goats , then out to deliver Rabbits to Auxanna.   The fields were beautiful today, the poppies were all in full bloom 

 the girls came out yesterday and painted the front gate for us

as we past our field we saw that Mondays rain has started the seeds growing , We spoted something out in the field, when we looked closer we saw that there was a big eagle in the field 

We had a friend who wanted to help Auxana get set up with a little side income with Rabbits as well.  So we brought her a male rabbit, a pregnant female rabbit and a cage for them .  We gave her two of our best temperament rabbits .  She has little kids and we want them to enjoy the rabbits as well 

After visiting Auxana we went to the orphanage to meet with the director.  We had a few things to discuss .  We have vitamins for her so we wanted to see how the were doing with vitamins and if they needed more.  We also discussed with them about us having a place at the farm for some of her kids that are finished school and are soon going to be out of the orphanage and out of government care.

We will meet with the kids and the director in a few weeks to talk to them and discuss the potential and future development on the farm..  we will likely have room for about 4 or 5 kids to start with.

we have also made arrangements for a group of about 14 of the older kids to come out to the farm on Sunday. We will have a visit, play some games, and maybe go fishing as well.  It will be a fun day.

Jengish and Emma went on to Bishkek to do some business and get seeds for cucumbers, and Julie and I took the slow bus back to Tokmok.  

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