Friday, April 24, 2015

Busy day in the city today .. lots on the go.

Long but very productive day .   We headed early to Bishkek with lots to do.  Today we were picking up our Visa's to Kazakhstan.  We are in Kyrgyzstan on a 60 day visa free stay, but we are not able to extend that, we have to leave, So tomorrow we will be going for lunch in Kazhkstan with Jengish . . 

Visa's  with out any problems, such a relief 

We had a meeting in the morning with a wonderful couple who have some business in Kyrgyzstan , the main one is a hydroponic lettuce project.  The have training seminars as well as Medical teams that come to the city, and wanted a guest house on a farm where they could sends guests.  Today the purchased the farm beside ours, and have put it into our care to manage for them.   The farm has a great field where we will plant tomatoes, peppers and onions.  Everything we need to make tomatoes salad for the winter.  The barn is great for chickens, cows sheep and pigs, as well it has a grainery and lots of room for more hay.   There is a large garage with a root seller that we can set up as a canning and food prep room where we can prepare food for the winter, as well as make goat cheese process the honey.  The house itself is in good shape and is move in ready.  The deal was closed today, but we have agreed that the family can stay living there for a few more weeks until school is finished for their kids.  

Emma and Jengish and a young neighbor boy  at the "The #2 Farm"

After picking up the funds, Jengish and Emma left us in Bishkek then headed to the land register office to close the deal.  

John and Julie having a rest in Bishkek. Bekah was not impressed , she says that the homeless sleep on the sides of the road like this 

After doing the deal and before picking up the visa's we had a nice visit and a meal with the family of our young friend Kolya's  fiancee. We are standing in as his family, something that e are honored to do. We are looking forward to the wedding on May the 12th.  The service will be at the waterfalls, with a meal cooked by Vlady. then we will have a smaller reception for the elders in Bishkek later that day.  

Kolya and Alina having a moment together at the farm

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