Saturday, April 04, 2015

starting the roof of the barn

Things are starting to take shape out at the farm.  The floor of the second level is finished, the windows are ordered and will be here on Wednesday .  We built the stairs today as well .  they will be going along the side wall to the right , and will come up to a platform then a door into the upper level. For now we have put them at the front so we have better access for the guys to bring up material. 

The roof will slope toward the back , and at the front we will ave a steep roof that will cover the 3 foot over hang there will also be three large access windows above each or the 2 windows and door on the first level, These will be in dormers , this will give light and be able to open for us to bring in hay.   The view from up here is so incredible.  The last 15 feet of the upper level will be the office / sitting room out at the farm .  the end wall will have a window that is 4 1/2  feet high and about 10 feet long.  and the two sides will have windows as well . from here we will be able to see the entire farm , as well as across the field to the new farm.

Thats right , the new farm.  As you look across the back field there is another farm with a western style home and a large barn..  We have a friends  who came for a visit to the farm the day that this new farm came up for sale.  They made an offer and it was excepted.  As soon as the family there finds a house to move to we will close the deal.   this will double the size of our market garden, it will provide housing for those staying with us, and the second barn will give us the room we need for all the animals as well as the hay and grain from the three fields.  As an added bonus, we will have room for when teams come that they may be able to stay out at the farm now.  The indoor plumbing is a bonus as well.  

This will be the view from the top level of the barn , you can see the new farm over on the right.

So with double the size of the garden, this is one of the reasons why we have put a push on to get some of the food shares sold .  planting time is soon approaching , and we don't want to wast any land by having it sit empty.  On the upside we will be harvesting twice as much produce as we had original expected..   The price of a food share remains at $60 a share .. with twice the bang for your buck .  Please take a moment right now and get your share at this link we have 35 shares to go to reach out target for the end of the month  

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