Tuesday, April 21, 2015

fast action

Today was a day off for us .  We have been trying for one of those for a while .  Jengish and Emma are not even going to come out of their apartment today.   Fortunatly FB messanger as a way of getting past the locked front door, and carries urgent news right to my chair.  Our God Son Samat just got ahold of me.  He has been trying to help a homeless lady with two kids.  We are not sure the whole story.  She us Kyrgyz and speaks no Russian at all, and it was just Bekah and I with her in the end.  Samat was able to get her into the women s shelter with the help of the mayors office. Social services will try to help her with documents.  It will still cost a bit, we just are not sure how much right now.  What we do know is that while others are seeing what they can do to help. The family needed food right away.  Thats where we come in . We are able to respond  rapidly, and in just 1/2 hour we were  able to deliver Bread, rice, sugar, pasta, potatoes, carrots, onions, cheese and milk.   It is now after hours, so we weer not able to get in, but had to pass things over the locked gate . 

A special thank you to  Taiwan Children s fund, the mayors office, and all those who donate to the general fund , or "where needed most" this allows us the ability to act fast when a need arrases like it did today .

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