Wednesday, April 22, 2015

More planting

Today we were back out to the farm planting.  It was a beautiful day. If anything, a little too hot.  Today we planted zucchini, butter nut squash, spaghetti squash. and about 1500 garlic plants.    Tomorrow we will plant beans, peas, Swiss chard, carrots, beats and radishes.  

we also got the landscaping done out by the barn , and the grass seed planted  

lots of garlic 

Today the neighbor asked us if we would like to rent her garden from her .  would be about $500 to rent it and plant the entire field with cucumbers.   It would be a great filler for all the food hampers as well, we could make pickles and relish for the winter.  There is just no way we can cover this in our food shares budget. We are already twice the size we budgeted for. So I will leave it up to all of you. If anyone thinks we  should get this land let me know , and use the donate button on the side of the blog. 
The field could not be any closer. It is the one that has the concrete wall on it.

We have decided that God made puppies so cute so that you will want to help them. and people leave them in the middle of the road in the country so that Emma and Jengish will stop and save them.
Already Jengish is saying that we need some dogs at the other farm. so now we are all set .  

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