Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Bekah would like to come to Canada for a visit this summer

So Bekah would like to come home to Canada  for a visit this summer.  She will have an opportunity to spend some time with Family and friends, as well she will travel with us to share about the the work in Kyrgyzstan.   The cost of her flights will be about $1500 .  If any one out there would like to help with this we would be very grateful. At this point I have no idea how we can make this happen, but we will trust that some how the way is made .     While in Canada Bekah is hoping to get some summer work as well.  Being in Kyrgyzstan on a student Visa Bekah is not able to work in Kyrgyzstan , so she is hoping to earn a little money to carry her through the next year as well . 

Bekah at the seniors home 

Delivering baby formula to an abandoned  newborn at the baby hospital

out at the farm 

Out for a walk with Julie 

Delivering food hampers to students and families in need 

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