Saturday, April 18, 2015

working on a Building ... 30 days later

up early today and out to the farm to get read for the celebration . 
Kolya up the ladder cleaning windows

new curtains in the washroom 

getting the table set 

guests begin to arrive 

Kolya here with his Girlfriend , Kolya was one of the ones working on the Barn 

wonderful breads

One of the kids from the mountain farm where we have helped with the barn for the cows 

one of the neighbors  has almost lost his sight, he needs eye surgery and did not have money for it. The want to operate on Monday , to start with they will do just one eye, and then the second in a few weeks .  He needed $400 .. Today a coupe of our guests at the party sponsored the first operation for him to give us time to find a sponsor for the other eye'  

It was nice to have a Jengishes brothers with us today as well.  They have been such a great support and hep to Emma and Jengish. with the fields and the farm .

At the party , Sergey was telling us about a senior that he knew of.  She and her husband would like to raise rabbits as well,  The have some female rabbits but don't have a male.  They have been trying to raise the money to get a giant male rabbit.  Emma and Jengish both thought it would be great to bless her with one of their giant babies .     Its still just a baby, but they do grow up fast .   They gave it to sergey to take to her, and with in an hour we had a photo back with him at his new home.

It has been just one month ago that we put the first shovel into the ground at the farm, and today we celebrated the completion of the barn and beginning of the panting season,  A ot of work, but something that will be a great blessing to so many for years to come.  I have put together a short video that shows 4 1/2  weeks work in just 4 1/2 minutes .  I hope you enjoy it .

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