Friday, April 17, 2015

Barn is finished , time to clean up.

It was just one month ago that we started pouring the foundation for the new barn.  It is hard to believe the transformation.  Today was the clean up day and a day to put finishing touches on the pens .  We planted some more veggies , tomatoes, egg plants, more broccoli, and two peach trees. We also got some of the piles of gravel cleaned up and spread on the new drive way in front of the barn.   It was fun to watch the rabits and goats when they moved into there new digs.  They were so happy, Acelbek is pretty happy too. he is a gardener at heart , and is thrilled to get his hands into the dirt.  

We were going to bring out the bees tomorrow, but decided to hole off a few days. Tomorrow we will be having an open house and ploff . It is a custom here that if you get something new like a car or a new fence our basically anything new, you have to have a party and invite all your fiends to celebrate.  One friend told how he one a dance contest and it had a small cash prize, He said that the party cost him twice as much as what he won. So tomorrow we will celebrate.   We thought it was best that we not bring thousands of angry mixed up bees at the same time.

this fence is our second line of defense if the goats get out  they can't get to the garden.  we still have the fence on the other side of the garden to put up. something for next week.

this  spot we will plant grass . today we put in two peach trees 
Jengish and Emma in front of the old barn 

Jengish and Emma in front of the new barn

just finished the new manger 

the goats think its great 

Tomorrow is going to be a fun day.  There is still lots to do, but the rest can wait and be part of the "to do list for those who will come to live at the farm this summer .. Things are coming along nicely with the food shares.  we have 45 shares left, but just 20 shares away from our 50 share target for the month of April.   If you would like to join us with the food shares, please donate now.  You can use the "food shares from the farm " link on the header and every thing you need to know is there. 

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