Thursday, May 01, 2014

Vladys new wheels

Today we were back to the car bazaar.. what a crazy place. there are so many cars its unbelievable.  When we originally discussed with Vlady what car he wanted ,   He new right away.  he knew the size of the car, it was to be 4 wheel drive as he and Dr Tatyana spend a lot of time working with families in the mountains. he also wanted something good on gas, and also in good shape with no rust .. his last car lasted 25 years, and he is planing on the same with this one.   This would all be fine and dandy if money was not an isue, but the car he was looking for was about $3000 out of our budget.
Jenish got busy on the internet and making calls.  He finally found the perfect car .  It was brought here from Germany and the person who ordered it backed out, so they dropped the price to sell it fast... It has everything Vlady dreamed of.. After almost an hour or studying and examining the car he almost started giggling , then regained his composure, and the deal was struck.

As happy as Vlady is, I think we are more excited for him.  There are very few people I know who are more willing and eager to work hard to help others.  He has been such a blessing to us for so many years, and all that time he would fight with his old car, and we would say " wouldn't be great if he could get a new car.. last month one of our incredible sponsors mad that possible.   So many people are going to be directly AND  indirectly blessed by Vladys new wheels in the years to come. 

Over at the baby hospital they are busy reorganizing.  Last week we brought them new sealed plastic tubs. This has the ER room in great shape.  

 We brought in 6 new change tables,  unfortunately for some reason my picture of the old ones did not turn , but just be assured that they were desperately  needed.  As we brought them in the nurses started gathering behind Cody with great excitement.. each room we got to they stood excitedly showing him where to put them.

Emma got a call today from Bacute orphanage.   Every year we do a lot of renovations there in preparation for Children s day when all the government people come.  This year there are no main structural needs, but what they do need is to paint the entire orphanage inside and out.  For this we will need about $400.  We are hoping to get this done next weekend ... if you are interested in this need , please let me know . 

We had posted a need for a washing machine repair for the baby hospital.  That need was covered  by the Saint Rose Birthday Challenge.. .. So awesome .. photos to follow soon.

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