Tuesday, May 06, 2014

in honor of my sushi buddies

Some good friends of mine have turned me on to sushi.  I sometimes miss those lunch events when we get together for a lunch out. so in your honor we have a special day planed. 

The arrangements have been made, and if all works out, tomorrow will be a night to remember for the kids from older kids from  "Svetly Put" Children s home.   Cody is hosting an incredible evening for them.  The new Spiderman movie is out here , so we will take them to the movie, but first we have a special treat for them. 

Not many kids here, never mind an orphan would ever have the chance to try sushi.  We found a restaurant that makes great sushi and pizza.  So tomorrow Isar will pick up 29 kids and bring them to join us for both. 

I can't wait to see the expression when they get that first hit of wasabi.   It will be a treat.  Thanks to everyone who donated to the Cody MAD money for making this possible.

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