Monday, May 19, 2014

A fun day

A couple days ago we posted the story of Fatima and her family that needs a place to live.  We were so blessed to have a few of you respond to help with this.  what has really encouraged us is that not all the response came from North America.  Sergey and Anya were quick to send us over clothes for the family from the container, then an amazing thing happened.  A student from here in Tokmok was reading the blog and saw the need, and she has had a real burden for this family.  She has gathered up clothes and diapers for them, as well she washed and patched some  of her favorite stuffed animals, then did a small grocery shop.    Thats not all She is a pedagogy student, and would like to volunteer to help Fatima with the kids, and maybe help the oldest daughter with some speech issues she is having.  It is such a blessing to us when we have people right here in Kyrgyzstan that step up to help.. What a beautiful spirit this young lady has .   

Kids receiving some gifts today 

was she ever happy 

We gathered up kids today .. we ended up with 20 fopr supper and a movie tonight .  The only casualty was our car did not like the bumpy roads and we broke an axel.  Fortunately it is four wheel drive and we were still able to drive it very slowly for a few blocks to Vladys house where he and Jengish will repair it tomorrow .  We called Bucket with his cab and he came to the rescue and picked up the other half of the kids for us .    We had clothes picked out for them all at the apartement thanks to The container that Sergey and Anya received from Norway .. The boys were so excited   

spaghetti for supper and Banana splits for supper 

as we walked along behind them on our way to the movie, we were commenting on how big they were all getting .. Its great that they have been able to continue with a family type relationship with each other .. such a difference from when we first met them at the tokmok orphanage as far back as 2005 .   They may be growing up, but they are not to big to have you hold there hands when walking down the street.  

A few blocks from or house there is a small private theater that was just the right size for our outing .

After the movie we walked back to apartment for chips and pop.  A special thanks to Sergey for helping us get them all home with our car down, as well as to Cody's MAD money sponsors who helped out with this day .

Its almost 11:30 and Jengish is still out driving some of the kids home that live in the remote villages, and Cody and Kamalla are still in the kitchen doing dishes.

In just a few hours , Bekah , Cody, Talant and I will head for the airport.  We have bags packed for our friends in the south.  We have been helping with aid there for several years and have been asked to go many times.  We have been able to get flights down for just $45 return so we will leave Bishkek at 6 am and get back at 11 pm.  We have some fiends that will be meting us at the airport when we land and will host us for the day .. Praying that we will be a blessing

Jengish will stay back and work on the car as well as NGO documents with Olga .  We have to re-do some structure documents here to keep up with the new laws and cover all the areas that we are helping ..    

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