Wednesday, May 14, 2014

another Cody MAD Money event .. and a day working at the orphanage

Yesterday we were blessed to have some special visitors from Kazakhstan / US join us for breakfast and a busy day .  Elizabeth and Victoria ( the Royals as we refer to them ) have a ranch / shelter in Kazakhstan , and visit us when ever they come to Kyrgyzstan for visa purposes.  

After a quick breakfast we went out to the mens home.  Mainly to touch base and visit with the men, They have been asking for us alot.  We brought them all ice cream, and made the rounds from room to room to give it out and personally great all 270 men.  Everything is a go, and by the end of the week they will be pouring cement for the new floor in the dinning room.

In the container was a chesterfield and two chairs, so we did a little juggling around, and the end result was that the men at the mens home got a new soffa set out of the deal.  they were very happy.. much better then sitting on the floor.  

bring in the new couch
that's an ice cream smile 
this guy slipped out of the crowd to eat his in piece 
we love all the plants in the halls now 
you may see a plain looking room ..
we see a mattress, sheets being washed
a blanket,  a pillow a new heater, new curtains,
Vinal floor, painted walls
and even a radio and balloons  
Remembering the teams from the fall.. the men were asking about all of you .. when are you coming back. 

At one o'clock we gathered everyone together with Larisa and her friends and went to the mountain for a picnic to celebrate Larisa's graduation with a BA in  social work. It has been six long years of school for her, but is finally over.  We are very proud of her accomplishment.  Vlady went ahead and prepared everything.  so cool to see he and his new car up in the mountains .  

There was a special guest there with us.  Ildar is a young guy we first met at Red river orphanage, then in 2008 he arrived at the mens home .  He was there at its worst and was a part of all the work and the transformation that went on.  A year ago he wanted to go to Osh to encourage some friends in an orphanage there, and to share with them the things he has learned and witnessed in his own life.  While there some one visiting heard him share his story, and that lead to him traveling all over as a " motivational speaker" he has been all over Kazhkstan , Russia, and the Ukraine .  He is home for a few weeks, so it was great that he could make it to theis special day for Larisa.
It was great to see or friend  Ildar again ( in the chair)

This morning we went over to Bacute with Vlady and we started getting things spruced up for Children s day.  The wals were all repaired, then we painted the walls and sealed the foundation.  We brought the left over shashleek and ploff from yesterday and were able to have enough for the kids as well .

Sergey stoped by today,  to bring the left over money from the washing machine repairs to us .  The baby orphanage machine was all fixed up and we had $50 left over.  Then we got a call that there is a young boy at one of the orphanages that wants to go see his mother who is in prison in Kazhkstan .. the director will bring him , but was looking for $150 to cover the trip... we could not cover the hole thing, but the $50 will cover the cost of the bus tickets for them .  the other $100 for food and accommodations they will keep looking for .

Tonight we are going to visit a young family we know and have helped from the village.  Her new baby is 40 days old today and this is the time that custom has them  meet the world ..      

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