Monday, May 12, 2014

Pondering Life from the top of the world

On the weekend we traveled 8 hours down the Silk Road , one of the oldest trade routes known to man , and I can't imagine that it was ever more remote then parts we traveled this weekend.  About 4 hours into our journey we came over the crest of a mountain peak.. about 10 000 feet up in a remote part of the foot hills of the Himalayan mountains . The top of the world.   There we were joined by a young man from Australia that was biking to Tajikistan  and Uzbekistan .   We invited him to join us for lunch..   

  This brought up a lot of questions, most of which we kept to ourselves and did not ask him ..

When we were showing the pictures from the trip to the kids when we got home, Jengish made a comment that a guy like that would never be the type to settle down and stay put.  He will be like that his whole life .. 

Julie sprang to his defense  and said " Hey, I back packed around Europe when I was his age, and I settled down when I got older."   

Jengish looked at her with a smirk  and replied ... "And where were you when you met him?, Yes, you really settled down" .hahahahaha

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