Thursday, May 15, 2014

a great opportunity to make a difference in someones life

There is a young family that we have known since before they were married.  We know them from out in the village that we brought water to.  The both worked as laborers in the fields.  A couple years ago both parents got TB and had to be hospitalized, he even had part of a lung and 4 ribs removed.  When they got out of the hospital they had nothing, and needed help to get there kids out of the orphanage.  Since that time , they have been doing OK .. he has a job as a security guard, 13 hours a day 6 days a week,  he cant do much else because of his health.  the pay is low and most of his salary goes to feed the family.   
They have been working on building a house on land that was in the family, but now his brother has the title of the land and is not willing to let them stay.  This leaves them with nothing, and not enough of a salary to pay rent any where, not to mention loosing almost everything they have worked for.
  It is so difficult to see a situation like this .. good loving parents, they don't drink or smoke , they treat each other well , if not for the disability they would have everything going for them, but with out intervention things will go south in a hurry.

We are looking for a home for them , I am told about the cheapest we might find will be about $50 a month.  We have a sponsor to cover that.   It would be nice if we could afford a little nicer home, and be able to help with some food from time to time .  If any one would like to help with that , you can use the link on the side of the blog make  either a one time donation or even a small monthly support would be a blessing to them.    
    We will be trying to help them get on a disability pension and and seeing what else we can do to help them get self sufficient.  We would have a goal to have them stable and self sufficient with in one year .
  Its such a little thing that can make such a difference in these 6 lives.

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