Saturday, May 31, 2014

Back in Canada

We had a great couple of flights back.  Our connection in Moscow was very smooth .  From the time we landed until we got to our next gat was lass then 20 minutes.  When we got to the gate, they had just started to board. so the line, or at least the Russian equivalent to a line was huge .. Over to the side was one of the gate agents , so I wandered over to him, pulled out my Expedia booking said Elite Plus member .. this on its own means NOTHING, but it is the highest level in the Aeroflot awards program ..  I simply asked .. " Do you honor this here "  right away he apologised profusely that he had not called us up and we were the next ones to board the plane .. Cody had very big eyes as we walked down the ramp.. and wanted to know what I had just said to him that we would get this treatment hahhaa..    Next time I will show this when we are checking in.,.. maybe we could have gotten free baggage as well .  

They had given us seats that were not together , but spread out a bit.. turned out great because the flight was not full so we had lots of room , and a full centre row that we could take turns sleeping lying down .. They even had these cool stickers so you could go to sleep and not worry about missing the beverage cart 

While we were in the air, those left back in Tokmok were still busy. 

We have been having a hard time finding a home for Fatima and family.  the places that were for rent in the $50 range turn out to be short term rentals from people spending the summer in the mountains .  but we need to have something that they can stay through the winter as well.  Where they are now has settled down a bit and they can stay until we find them something .   We just received the confirmation of another sponsor that will help as well so we now have the funds needed to get them a long term home . Jengish went over to talk with them and deliver the news . 

 We are also working on a long term plan with them .   First we are helping to get him onto a disability pension, this will off set half the rent , or at least help with food.  They have 6 sheep they have purchased over the years ,... this is now about 10 sheep, and if they continue to grow the flock , an a few years they can sell it and buy or build their own home.   This has the potential to turn things around for them .  Once we get them settled, any additional funds we have for them in the future , we will help invest in more sheep for them .    As well , we are making arrangements for the  children to go to school at the learning centre to help with their development.  

Bekah and Kamala joined  Vlady at the childrens day celebration at Bacute orphanage . The mayors office was there , and the girls received a letter on our behalf  for the support  that we have given .  Tuition, extra food and vitamins, clothes , orphanage renovations and repairs .. but what was probable the greatest impact is Emma and Kamalla spending so much time with the kids over the last year .

Here are the girls with some of the kids from the home 

Today they are on their way to the Hospital to check on a young girl we know there .. Bekah will get some pictures of the new beds for us as well.. they were still being assembled when we left, but are all done and in place now .

Jengish will take advantage of the last few days with the car to go check on the irrigation of the field ..

No not that car ... this one 

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